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Coaches Corner

This page is intended to offer useful information for coaches. (all parent volunteers)
** A protected section is available to Coaches on this page when logged into "My Account", content includes forms, policies, contacts, etc

Rules for Coaches, Co-coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • All Coaches will conduct themselves in a mature manner consistent with the leadership position they are privileged to hold.
  • Coaches will not allow any unsafe, dangerous, or unsportsmanlike behavior by anybody while on practice or game fields, and will actively teach safe techniques and methods of play.
  • Coaches are to develop the proper perspective of winning and losing in the minds of players, parents, and all spectators, and monitor/control the comments and actions of those who have temporarily lost this perspective.
  • Coaches should develop the child's appreciation of the game by allowing players to experience all positions if so desired. Conversely, no child should be forced to play in a position above their confidence level.
  • Coaches agree to follow all rules and policies set forth by the FTSC, state associations, and national associations.
  • Coaches should be a positive role model and allow the children to have fun through positive feedback and esteem-building at all levels of soccer skill competency.
  • Coaches are to ensure all players have soccer shoes and shin guards at all times. Any player that cannot afford these items should confidentially contact a Board Member and we will purchase this equipment if warranted.
  • Coaches will never use foul or abusive language.
  • Coaches will be responsible for garbage cleanup after their game. Any Coach taking a field with garbage already on it should report it immediately to the information desk.

Coaches' Training

  • The Club feels that coach training is important. In fact, the Club will cover all costs associated with training registration for an "F" license and the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic. Training is available both on site and off.
  • From time to time the Club tries to host informal coaching clinics. Please watch the club websitefor information about upcoming sessions.
  • The Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic is regularly offered at locations around Central New Jersey. It is strongly recommended for all coaches.The course covers a lot of useful topics and also provides the coach some liability protection. More information is available on their web site (click here to visit). Please watch the club website for information about upcoming sessions.
  • Coaches are not required to hold a license to coach in the Recreation Division but a license is recommended. The club is affiliated with the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association which administers the licensing program. Coaches begin training with an "F" license and may progress all the way up to an "A" license. The Club hosts licensing classes from time to time but none are currently scheduled. The NJYSA website has more information on the licensing program and class locations.
  • Coaches are also offered the opportunity to take an entry-level referee training class to familiarize themselves with the Laws of the Game. For information on class dates and registration procedure visit the main page of the New Jersey Referee Committee by visiting Please watch the club website for information about upcoming sessions. The training costs will not be reimbursed by the Club but licensed referees are eligible to earn payment (according to the referees scale) should they referee games for the Club.
  • Every coach is required to take concussion training. They can do it online at the CDC's website (, scroll to the bottom and download the course script and quiz. After completing the class, print the certificate and submit it to a club official.
  • All coaches that have submitted the required forms, will be enrolled in a free weekly coaching clinic which is provided by coach will be emailed weekly practice plans that are considered age appropriate for the children whom they are coaching.While not mandatory, coaches are highly recommended to utilize these practice plans with their teams.

Coaches Forms

ExpenseReimbursement Form - This is the Travel Expense Reimbursement Form. You will need to have Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheeting software to use it.

Managing Player Safety

Concussion Guides

 The following are some useful concussion information sheets issued by the CDC:

 - Concussion information sheet
 - Concussion guide for coaches
 - Concussion action plan
 - BJSM Concussion Recognition Tool

NJ Youth Soccer has adopted the US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol for its events (e.g. ODP and State Cups).  They encourage member clubs to utilize the form and related protocol.  A link with education and related form appears on there website CLICK HERE.

The link to the documentation/form for this recommended protocol can also be found by clicking on NJ Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol and is summarized below.

  • Pages 1 and 2 are retained by the parent as education and information.
  • Page 3 is signed by the appropriate individuals and retained by the team/club.
  • Club advised to retain the form for record keeping and reference.
  • Referee can advise the coach and recommend that a player is evaluated.
  • The coach, who has completed concussion training, is the individual who initiates the protocol.


Emergency Action Plan

 The following is an emergency action plan to use if one of your children has an accident. Complete the emergency contact information before the beginning of the season so that you are prepared. 
 - Emergency Action Plan

Travel Player Insurance

Your  player's registration affords them excess insurance coverage during sanctioned activities (games, practices, tournaments, tryouts, etc).  The policy only covers what is not covered by your primary insurance.   Parents should file claims with NJYS (for MNJYSA teams) within 90 days of the injury.  

For more details and how to file a claim, please see the following as applicable:

Travel Accident Report - This form is to report player injuries/accidents.

Weather Policy 

If you hear thunder or see lightning, you must clear the field immediately.  Play or practice cannot resume for 30 minutes after the last thunder sound or visible lightning.  Every time thunder is heard or lightning is viewed, the 30 minute clock is reset.

FTSC USYS Cold Weather Guidelines_CHART.pdf
FTSC USYS Heat Guidelines_1.pdf

FTSC Team Guide

Click the icon below to open the PDF Team Guide

FTSC travel team guide.pdf


MNJYSA Handbook 093019.pdf
MNJYSA Game Report Cards Final v7.pdf 
MNJYSA Game Report Cards Final v7 Forms.pdf
MNJYSA Buildout Line 2020.pdf
MNJYSA-secondary permission player form Oct2018.pdf

MNJYSA Spring 2022 Flighting

MNJYSA Spring 2022 Key Dates

  • Tues 2/8 - board flighting meeting 
  • Wed 2/9 - publish flighting and appeals open
  • Fri 2/18 - appeals close
  • Tues 2/22 - appeals meeting
  • Fri 2/25 - publish final flighting
  • Mon 2/28 - publish schedule

Referee fees - $5 increase, each team pays ½

$ 95 for 17U+
$ 85 for 15U-16U
$ 75 for 13U-14U
$ 65 for 11U-12U
$ 55 for 8U-10U



Click here for the Coaching section of NJ Youth Soccer's website including the following:

  • Coaching License Programs
  • Replacing a Lost License
  • A Useful Coaching Handbook


NJYS Forms and Policies

FTSC Travel Player Pass NJYS Player Registration Form is here

NJYS Forms and Administrative information Click here

Coaches Registration Requirements

NJYS requires each coach and assistant coach to have a valid USSF coaching license, Class F or higher.
Coaches must be registered through the NJYS on line registration system by each Club for which they will coach on game day. Travel Coaches will be subject to annual background checks before a coach pass will be issued.

NJYS FTSC Coaches and Player Registration