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This page is intended to offer useful information for parents as well as their guests. Currently it contains the standards for spectators from the Rules of Your Roles document, game and Nippers clinics location, parking suggestions, and a Site Map for the season. Also included is information on uniforms for the team players, including the sizing chart located at the bottom of the page. Nippers players will be given their T-shirt at the start of their season.

In the future we hope to produce our own introduction to the game of soccer and a list of soccer terms.  In the mean time, you may find this introduction from US Youth Soccer informative.  For soccer definitions, you can take a look at Peter Stone's Soccer Definitions and Governing Bodies, one of many similar lists on the web.

Please help build this page by sharing your suggestions via email.


Role of the Spectator

The philosophy of the Franklin Township Soccer Club is that children's sports are about participation, sportsmanship, character development, and other healthy habits that last a lifetime. Children play organized sports for their own fun. They are not there to entertain adults, and they are not miniature pro athletes. We'll all enjoy the game more if we just let them play.

  1. Be on your best behavior and set a proper example.
  2. Coaches need to be in charge of and are responsible for the conduct of their players on the field and their spectators on the sidelines.
  3. Parents are not allowed on the side of the field where the Players and Coaches are. This separation is for the safety of our Parents, Players and Coaches. There is also no sitting or standing around the Goal / Goal Keeper Area.

  4. It is the coaches' responsibility to discuss any issues with the referee or opposing coach, never the parents', spectators' or players'.

  5. Spectators should not be coaching from the sidelines. Coaching is not your job: it confuses the players, and makes them tense.
  6. Know the difference between positive cheering and negative berating.
  7. Spectators are to stay behind the orange line on the sidelines. Spectators and coaches are also not allowed behind the goal lines.
  8. Referees, especially young ones, are doing a difficult job. We recognize errors in judgment may occur. However, they still deserve total support. Respect their decision.
  9. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a game.
  10. Show respect for your team's opponents. Without them, there would be no games.
  11. Coaches should make a concerted effort not to allow their team to run up a score. Winning a game by five goals or more is demoralizing to the opposing team. Parents and spectators should support the club's philosophy in striving for balanced and competitive games.
  12. Family and friends are welcome as spectators, but family pets are not. They can't appreciate the game. Please be kind to them and leave your pets at home.

Set a good example for yourself, by showing good sportsmanship, and cheering positively.


The following infractions will result in immediate removal from the fields and potential expulsion from the club:

  1. Fighting or improper physical contact, or the threat thereof.
  2. Harassment or continued verbal abuse.
  3. Continuance of improper behavior after being warned.
  4. Failure to comply with a FTSC official's request to obey the league's rules.
  5. Failure to comply with a FTSC official's request to leave the fields.
  6. Conduct which results in the violation of a law or court order.

The following infractions will result in a warning and removal from the fields if the behavior continues:

  1. Use of profanity
  2. Verbal abuse of players, coaches, youth referees, or league administrators
  3. Loud, excessive, or negative shouting from spectators
  4. Arguing (dissenting) with the referee
  5. Any other conduct which, in the league's discretion, is in contravention to these Rules of Conduct.
Cancellation Policy
For our Travel Programall Travel fees paid are non-refundable unless approved by the Board. The Board will only review cases resulting from extenuating circumstances (e.g., injury, relocation, etc) put forth by the team administrators (coaches, team staff). These cases are subject to a 20% cancellation fee applied to any Board approved refunds to cover club costs and processing fees. 

For all Recreation Programs (including TopSoccer and Nippers): Any cancellations committed prior to the season start (before the first game), you may request a refund (minus 20% cancellation fee for club costs and processing fees). Any cancellations made after the season start are considered non-refundable unless approved by the Board. The Board will only review cases resulting from extenuating circumstances.


Playing Fields Location and Parking

Most FTSC recreational games are played at the Sampson G. Smith Upper Elementary School, at 1649 Amwell Road, Somerset NJ 08873. To see the field location for Recreation Games on Saturdays please follow this link.


All vehicles must be parked in marked spaces only. Aisles will be kept clear so emergency vehicles can enter if needed.  Arrive early.  If the side lot is full, park in front of SGS or in the far side lot. 

For Practice Field Layouts at Middlebush Park, please follow this link.


Each player on a team will be given a full team uniform consisting of a matching jersey, shorts and socks. The uniforms will be size specific and will require that a size ranging from youth small (YS) to adult double extra large (AXXL) be indicated on the registration form. Included in the registration fee is the uniform fee. Because uniforms are more size specific, once orders are placed in February for the spring season or July for the fall season for on-time forms and several days to several weeks after a late form is received, the player's uniform fee cannot be refunded. Please use the Uniform Sizing charts at the bottom of this page to determine the best size for each player. Examples of the uniforms and the various sizes can be found at the Information table on game day Saturdays during the season.


Thinking of Volunteering?

You can sign up to volunteer during the registration process. If you didn't sign up or you want more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, or one of the division managers on the Board page.


Uniform Sizing Guide

Uniform Sizing

(sleeves are average length on all sizes.)
For best results, we recommend that you measure the body wearing only undergarments. Hold the tape measure close but not tight and use Sizing Uniforms information to determine the correct uniform size.

 Adult Size Chest Waist
AS 36"-38" 28"-30"
AM  38"-40" 32"-34"
AL  40"-42" 36"-38"
AXL  44"-46" 40"-42"

Youth Size Chest Waist
YXS 26"-28" 18"-20"
YS 30"-32" 20"-22"
YM 32"-34" 22"-24"
YL 34"-36" 24"-26"

Typical Sizes by Age Group

Age Typical Uniform Size
under 6 YXS, YS, YM
6- 8 YS, YM, YL
8-10 YM, YL, AS
10-12 YL, AS, AM
12-14 AS, AM, AL
14-16 AM, AL, AXL
over 16 AL, AXL