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New Rules

New Rules Effective Spring 2018 - Build Out Lines

Effective for the Spring 2018 season, JR 1 & 2 teams (Recreational Division) and U9 & U10 teams (Travel Division) will be using the new US Soccer Build Out Line rules.

Click here for an explanation of the rules  

The following lesson plans are designed to help young player learn the new rules:

 - Click here for "Build Out Line Lesson Plan 1-3-2-1 Formation"

 - Click here for "Build Out Line Lesson Plan 1-2-3-1 Formation"

Recreation Division - Coaches

Coaches (parent volunteers)
This page is intended to offer useful information for coaches.
Rules for Coaches, Co-coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • All Coaches will conduct themselves in a mature manner consistent with the leadership position they are privileged to hold.
  • Coaches will not allow any unsafe, dangerous, or unsportsmanlike behavior by anybody while on practice or game fields, and will actively teach safe techniques and methods of play.
  • Coaches are to develop the proper perspective of winning and losing in the minds of players, parents, and all spectators, and monitor/control the comments and actions of those who have temporarily lost this perspective.
  • Coaches should develop the child's appreciation of the game by allowing players to experience all positions if so desired. Conversely, no child should be forced to play in a position above their confidence level.
  • Coaches agree to follow all rules and policies set forth by the FTSC, state associations, and national associations.
  • Coaches should be a positive role model and allow the children to have fun through positive feedback and esteem-building at all levels of soccer skill competency.
  • Coaches are to ensure all players have soccer shoes and shin guards at all times. Any player that cannot afford these items should confidentially contact a Board Member and we will purchase this equipment if warranted.
  • Coaches will never use foul or abusive language.
  • Coaches will be responsible for garbage cleanup after their game. Any Coach taking a field with garbage already on it should report it immediately to the information desk.

Coaches' Training
  • The Club feels that coach training is important. In fact, the Club will cover all costs associated with training registration for an "F" license and the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic if you decide to take them.  This training is not required and can be available both on site and off.
  • From time to time the Club tries to host informal coaching clinics. Please watch the club website for information about upcoming sessions.
  • The Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic is not required but regularly offered at locations around Central New Jersey. It is required for all coaches.  The course covers a lot of useful topics and also provides the coach some liability protection. More information is available on their web site (click here to visit).  Please watch the club website for information about upcoming sessions.
  • Coaches are required to take the federally sanctioned SafeSport Course for Youth Sports.  Here is the link for the course
  • Coaches are not required to hold a license to coach in the Recreation Division but a license is recommended. The club is affiliated with the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association which administers the licensing program. Coaches begin training with an "F" license and may progress all the way up to an "A" license. The Club hosts licensing classes from time to time but none are currently scheduled. The NJYSA web site has more information on the licensing program and class locations.
  • Coaches are also offered the opportunity to take an entry-level referee training class to familiarize themselves with the Laws of the Game.  For information on class dates and registration procedure visit the main page of the New Jersey Referee Committee by visiting  Please watch the club website for information about upcoming sessions. (The training costs will not be reimbursed by the Club but licensed referees are eligible to earn payment (according to the referees scale) should they referee games for the Club.)
  • Every coach is required to take concussion training. They can do it online at the CDC's website (, scroll to the bottom and download the course script and quiz. After completing the class, print the certificate and submit it to a club official. 
  • All coaches that have submitted the required forms, will be enrolled in a free weekly coaching clinic which is provided by  The coach will be emailed weekly practice plans that are considered age appropriate for the children whom they are coaching.  While not mandatory, coaches are highly recommended to utilize these practice plans with their teams.

Coaches' Forms
Each season the club provides all coaches with a packet of important documents and forms. Many of the forms and docs are also available for downloading from the club's website. These include:
  • Accident Report Form
  • Kid Safe Letter
  • Medical Release Form 
These and other forms may be found in other formats on our Forms Page.

Youth Soccer 101 Drills                                   

Coaching drills are available for registered coaches at, goalkeeping tips are available at You will need to be a registered coach with FTSC in order to sign up.  
1.  Click on "Club Coach Registration" at the top of the page

2.  Enter "Franklin Township Soccer Club"  for the field "Soccer club you are associated with" when filling out all the registration information.

Offside Explained
Play the following video for an explanation of the offside rule.