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FTSC Recreational Division Board Members

Position Name(s) email address(es)
Co-Presidents Adam Kozubal, John Castillo [email protected]
Vice-President Boys Scott Ludwigsen [email protected]
Vice-President Girls Rich Seamon [email protected]
Treasurer Natasha Holbeck [email protected]
Secretary Alisa Davis-Albert [email protected]
Vice-President TravelJoe Adamski [email protected]
Communications, Marketing, & Recruitment ManagerNeal Bituin [email protected]

Division Manager - Nippers (Boys and Girls with birth years 2015-2016)

Brendon Holbeck

[email protected]
Division Manager - PeeWee Boys (birth year 2014) Rob Trautmann [email protected]
Division Manager - PeeWee Girls (birth years 2013-2014)Nigel Modeste [email protected]

Division Manager - Junior 1 (Boys w/birth years 2012-2013) Clodualdo Origenes Jr. [email protected]
Division Manager - Junior 2 (Girls w/birth years 2011-2012) Oliver Chavez [email protected]
Division Manager - Junior 3 (Boys w/birth years 2010-2011) Rich Seamon [email protected]
Division Manager - Junior 4 (Girls w/birth years 2006-2010) Oliver Chavez & Sushant Sonker
[email protected]
Division Manager - Junior 5 (Boys w/birth years 2006-2009)
David Grant & Rich Seamon
[email protected]
Division Manager - TOPSoccer (Boys and Girls w/birth yrs 1999-2014) Nancy Llanos [email protected]

Tournament Coordinator John Castillo & Vernon Spencer [email protected]
Head Referee Kevin Tracey
[email protected]
Equipment Manager Elvin Charleston [email protected]
Facilities Coordinator Sam Velu [email protected]
Head Field Liner John Griffith [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Diedre Martinez-Roberts
[email protected]
Work Bond Coordinator David Grant
[email protected]
Registrar Darin Centolanza [email protected]
Uniform Manager Raul Dehogues
[email protected]
Concessions Manager Kimberley Davison [email protected]
Youth Referee Trainer George Phalen
Web Master Vernon Spencer [email protected]